About Thiccc3d

 Hey my name's Randy and welcome to Thiccc3d! I'm currently serving in the active duty Army as an apache pilot out of Kansas. I absolutely love flying and absolutely love making things for people. My first badges weren't the best but they were made with the same carbon fiber used in airplanes and helicopters. For the first people that bought from me, know that you share my passion of flying on your car! 

Since then I've upped my game and have been developing new backplate ideas ie forged and honeycomb. I even opened up the custom badge option for those that have a theme of some sort.

Let me make you something you can be proud of!

Thanks for letting me be a part of your story!


Hey everyone, just wanted to say thanks for checking out the site. A lot of this would not be possible without the first people out there who reached out for some custom carbon badges for their Supra. It took us awhile to get it right and finally we have a product that I'm absolutely in love with and I hope you do to when you decide to get these for your car as well.

**Insert story about how you got started, maybe we can add some pics of the process in action**